Welcome to JKS Nordtirol Karate Club

Welcome to the official website of JKS Nordtirol. We are a group localed in Innsbruck, Austria under the supervision of JKS Japan and Karate Austria (previously known as Österreichischer Karatebund) which is the Austrian official body for holding karate as a sports in the Olympics.

Our Aim is to introduce people to a healthy sports which increase fitness, concentration and respect.

Japan Karate Shoto Federation is one of the pioneer of Shotokan Karate Do. It is the best mixture of traditional karate as well as the sports karate under the World Karate Federation (WKF).

The training is mainly done by Stiff Roy (4th DAN) and Raja Ahmadian (4th DAN). Shihan Dragan Leiler (7th DAN, Karate Austria national coach) comes to visit and train when he gets time.


Training develops your mental and physical well being. We also train traditional karate and self defense time to time.

Minimum Age

Anyone can train in Karate Do. But for our class structure we prefer anyone above 6 years.